Keepin’ It Classy at USC

29 03 2011

She looks really bored.

Hundreds of people gathered in the USC quad for a “philanthropy event” were given a show when two USC students were spotted and caught on camera having sex on top of a nearby roof.  The refined gentleman in the picture above is a member of Kappa Sigma, but has since been suspended from the fraternity.  USC is also considering taking disciplinary action.


Lindsay Lohan will NOT be charged in Betty Ford case

29 03 2011

TMZ has reported:

“The Riverside County District Attorney has decided not to file criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with the altercation last December between Lindsay and a Betty Ford staffer.”

Is anyone at all surprised by this outcome?  Of course, there is also still the pesky matter of the $2,500 necklace that she stole borrowed from an LA jewelry store, but even if she’s found guilty in that case, she’ll probably only be in jail long enough to have her mugshot taken before she’s released due to overcrowding.  All while, in the U.S., there are nearly one million people incarcerated for the victimless crime of marijuana possession.  Sick, Sad World indeed….

So, this guy is going to be a Dad again….

29 03 2011

And no, despite his confusing, ever-growing waistline suggesting the contrary, he is not carrying the child.  Federline is expecting his FIFTH child with girlfriend Victoria Prince, who is 5 months pregnant.  He already has two children with Shar Jackson and two children with Britney Spears.  I guess the guy had to contribute something to the world other than PoPoZao, but you know Britney’s gonna end up paying for this some way or another.

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Top NYC Hotels Refuse Charlie Sheen Stay for NY Stop On Upcoming Tour

29 03 2011

It appears as though Charlie Sheen and his harem of “goddesses” will have a hard time finding a place to stay for the upcoming NYC stop on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour April 8.  According the the New York Post, sources say that the Plaza, the hotel he stayed at in October last year during the notorious incident in which porn star Capri Anderson locked herself in the bathroom of his trashed hotel room and called police, will not be welcoming him back.  No, really? The Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump SoHo have also reportedly turned Sheen down.  I swear, these trolls will stop at nothing in their fruitless, feeble attempts to bring everyone’s favorite crackhead warlock down.  Hatin’ ass haters.

"The Warlock's Carry-On" courtesy of Charlie Sheen's twitter


So, The Big Lebowksi 2 Actually Happened…..Kadoosh!

29 03 2011

So, you probably remember when, a while back, Tara Reid spoke to the press about her upcoming projects and she suggested that a sequel to the cult classic “The Big Lebowski” was in the works for 2011.  To which the Ethan Coen hilariously responded “I’m glad she’s working on it”, effectively ending the rumors.  End of story?  Not quite.  Check out the trailer for “The Big Lebowski 2” over at starring Tara Reid!

Another Sign of the Coming Apocalypse: Jersey Shore #1 Watched Show in US 12-34 Demographic….

29 03 2011

Jersey Shore has catapulted MTV’s ratings to the highest they have been in 5 years, with the show receiving an average of 6 million viewers per week.  The show also ranked at #1 in the top 10 original cable series.  What was #2, you ask?  Why, Teen Mom 2, of course!

The end is nigh.

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How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking

28 03 2011

This is great.