Paris Hilton Needs Some Attention….

30 03 2011

"Maybe if I hunch my shoulders really far back I won't look so gargantuan..."

In a recent interview, the “famous for being famous” heiress told the Associated Press “There’s so many people out there who try to imitate what I do but I am the original.  There is nothing like me.” in an obvious jab at her now more relevant frenemy, Kim Kardashian.  She also says that she has accomplished all of her professional goals, saying “I have done everything that I wanted to do and I feel very blessed that I have been very successful on every area.”  Really?  Really?? *does best Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers*  A “leaked” sex tape, a failed singing career, a string of useless and irrelevant reality tv shows, minor roles in d- movies and a perfume line…?  *Sigh*  If only we mere mortals could accomplish so much in a lifetime….




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