Charlie Sheen’s Twitter: Quotes from an “Unemployed Winner”

27 03 2011

I honestly don’t even know where to start with Charlie Sheen’s twitter.  It’s an endless plethora of “winning(!)” quotes.  Here are a few gems for ya.

“@ConanOBrien when I applied for Adonis DNA, 6’8″, red hair, freckles & genius was taken. My shot at late night…over, crack here I come! c”

#fastball; the global inferno that is me, is now as molten and focused as my afterburners. ybw. c”

“Curveball; Warlock edict; pain & devastation in Japan demands us all to dig deep & LOVE THEM VIOLENTLY Dogspeed my cadres of the Far East! c”

#fastball; 101 and on the black. 50 cops in my home. they all left. I’m still here. WINNING? 24/7 c”

#Fastball; The Warlock is hungry. Hungry for corporate flesh….”

Duh, winning!




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